I *Thought* It Was A Vicious Monster, Until He Zooms Out…OMG!


In the mood for a good laugh? Everybody needs one once in a while, right? I know we do!

In this video, you’ll see as the exotic new breed of animal has been discovered. The rarely-seen land shark with googly eyes rests on the floor, awaiting its prey.

As the camera zooms out… wait… that’s no land shark! That’s a pitbull sleeping on its back with googly eyes stuck to the underside of its neck! Ha!

Here we thought we were seeing something totally new to the animal species. A creature so feared and dangerous that no one had ever gotten video footage of it until now! But alas… it’s just a totally adorable dog sleeping with its legs flayed out and his lips flopping in the breeze.

Until next time, mysterious land shark! You’ve evaded us this time, but we’ll be back to find you another day!

Seriously though… Googly eyes can make just about anything funny, right? Stick ‘em on and you’ve got a guaranteed laugh.

So, did you laugh? We did and good thing because we really needed one! Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Source: Littlethings.com

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