It Looks Like The Cat Wants To Catch Fish. But Then? I Did Not See THAT Coming!


Timo is a ragdoll cat who lives with his family in the Netherlands. If he looks familiar to you, it could be because Timo is the star of many popular videos on YouTube.

The cat’s owner, YouTube user “Xiedubbel” posts tons of awesome videos of the fluffy black-and-white cat, but what really sets this kitty apart from the others is his unusual bond with the least likely of animals!

Timo has a very unique friendship with koi fish and can often be seen hanging out with his buddies by the pond. In the following video, which is brand new, you can see Timo hanging around with his buddies…but wait!

When the camera pans out, you can see what is really going on. We’re watching Timo watch the video of himself at the koi pond…and look at how mesmerized he is!

Hysterical…only a cat could get away with this!


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