It Was A Routine Ultrasound, But What They Found? It Nearly Broke Her


Two years ago, the woman featured in the footage below started a video blog to record the progression of her pregnancy. That first video shows her taking the pregnancy test, and getting a positive result. If you have ever seen any footage of people finding out they are pregnant, this one is no different. At first she is stunned, then she is overwhelmed with happiness, then she starts to cry. But at 11 weeks, she had a miscarriage. A few months later she posted her video to a public YouTube channel, WaitingforBaby. She was hoping to give and find comfort from other women who have suffered miscarriages.

This heartbreaking video below was posted after her third miscarriage, less than a year after she posted her first video. This kind of loss is unimaginable to most women, but tragically, she has become so familiar with the aftermath of losing a baby in utero that she says “Cytotec” and “D&C” in the manner another might say “Asprin.” Her sadness is overwhelming, but SF Globe was also inspired by the strength she shows in this difficult time. While many might lash out in anger and frustration, she reaches out to her community for strength and support.

In subsequent videos, she reveals that she has Compound Heterozygous MTHFR, a genetic condition that contributes to miscarriages, as well as Hughes Syndrome, an autoimmune disease that contributes to blood clotting and can also lead to miscarriages. Despite these two compounding conditions, she and her husband are not giving up. She is taking supplements to help deal with the symptoms of each, and they are also actively looking into adoption.

It’s a common misconception that miscarriages are rare, when in fact they occur in 25% of pregnancies. Women who have suffered from a miscarriage often feel ashamed, alone or guilty, believing they did something to cause the loss. We hope that as more women choose to share their stories, those burdens can be lifted.


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