Much like kiddos, kittens may briefly appreciate the expensive gift you’ve given them, but they quickly find the box it came in far more enjoyable! Sure, a pricey gift is nice every now and again but really, all you need is a box or two. Cut some holes in the box, sit back and watch! Your kittens will LOVE it! Just like these adorable kittens in this next video. It’s almost like watching kitten-whack-a-mole, only without the whacks of course! ☺
This type of kitten play is priceless… literally! Recycle some boxes and you’ve just saved a few dollars on a new kitty toy! Something tells us that the kitty won’t mind this free toy.

Does your kitten or cat LOVE recycled or repurposed items from around your home? We’d love to hear what FREE items keep your kitty entertained! Tell us about it in the comments section below!