Little Girl Had To Give Up The Puppy She Rescued. Days Later? A SHOCKING Twist!


Elizabeth is a seven-year-old girl from New Jersey who has a heart of gold and an affinity for animals in need. She may be young, but she has already started her career as an animal rescuer.

Along with her parents, Elizabeth assists in volunteer pet rescue missions. She tries to keep her cool and do the job, but remember, she’s only seven! She was bound to fall in love with one of the animals sooner or later.

During a December 2014 rescue job, Elizabeth found herself head over heels for an adorable little puppy named Lorelai. When she had to hand the tiny baby over to receive medical attention — so she can eventually find a forever home — she was understandably devastated.

It seemed like all hope was lost for this sweet girl and the puppy she rescued, but luckily Meredith Vieira got wind of Elizabeth’s story and came to the rescue. Vieira brought Elizabeth and her family on the show to honor their good deed — but little did Elizabeth know, there was a surprise waiting for her.

This video is guaranteed to melt your heart. Just look at how much Elizabeth cares for that puppy! Is there anything sweeter?!


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