Looks Like A ‘Normal’ Pit Bull. But The Truth? I’m Speechless


Your jaw is about to drop, because you’re about to meet The Hulk: apparently, he’s the world’s largest pit bull, tipping the scales at 173-pounds at only 17-months old — that’s more than what the average man weighs, and yet this beast of a puppy’s got even more growing to do!

The Hulk is handsome, beautiful and looks to have the sweetest heart, but no doubt he’d make the best guard dog of all time.

Hulk belongs to “DDk9,” a family-owned training organization. One their website they say, “We know the relationship a person chooses to have with his dog determines the dog’s behavior. Marlon learned this first hand when he adopted an abused rescue dog, Damon, and time and time again Damon proved what every dog needs and wants is firm consistent leader… the leader of the pack.”

Some people are, however, criticizing this video — is Hulk as big as he is because of poor breeding or artificial enhancement? We don’t have enough information to know for sure. What do you think?

Source: Hugepitbull.littlethings.com

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