Man Secretly Films His Cat…The Outcome Is HILARIOUS!


Luna is a seven-pound ball of fluff. The adorable kitten is pretty playful but, as her owner points out, she may also have gotten into some catnip!

Because she was always getting into something, her owner set up a camera in his house to capture all of her hilarious antics. And I have to say, this is one funny cat video!

In the five-minute video, Luna proves she’s one curious cat with a lot of energy. Jumping from the floor to a high shelf to climbing the walls, Luna is having the time of her life.

“[I’m] not sure which is greater: cuteness or insanity,” her owner joked in the video’s caption.

Yeah, Luna is 100 percent cute. Despite getting into some hilarious situations, this cat eventually has to take a nap, crashing next to the computer mouse. How funny! Of course, she’s back up and running in no time, getting into trouble as she runs and plays in her new forever home.

It doesn’t get better than this. This video is the perfect amount of cute, funny, and downright adorable, and it will definitely put a smile on your face.


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