Meet 15 Of The Teeny Tiniest And Cutest Dogs You’ve Ever Seen


Dogs come in a ridiculous amount of shapes and sizes. From the horse-like Great Dane, to the short-legged Corgi, to the tiniest of tea cup breeds, it’s hard to believe that are all the same species. It’s even harder to believe that some of the smaller ones are actually descendants of one wolf-like ancestor, but it’s true.

While they might not look like dogs, they’re still ridiculously adorable. Here are some of the tiniest and squishiest “dogs” out there:

You sure you’re a dog?

I’m pretty sure dogs aren’t supposed to fit comfortably on a single human hand…

Just get in the tea cup already!!!

This guy’s got the idea.

Taking the phrase, “I could just eat you up,” to a whole new level.

“I give up!”

Tiny pups want belly rubs, too!

Dreaming about being big and intimidating one day?

My index finger is taller than this tiny pooch.

If you think about it, you’re kind of like a giant compared to that last guy.

That is some major upper body strength!

The tiniest Terrier I ever did see.

Honey, I shrunk the dog!

The good thing about being so teeny is that it’s like getting a whole hug every time a person just touches you.

Hes only FOUR inches.