Mom Asks, ‘Who Did This?’ Now Watch How The Guilty Bull Dog Reacts…


After coming home to a disaster, one woman could not believe her eyes; the house was torn apart and cushions were ripped open. She decided to confront her three bulldogs and find out who wreaked havoc while she was gone. Lucky for her, the guilty party easily confessed in the most hilarious way ever.

When mom asks who made the mess, the camera pans over her three bulldogs as she holds a shredded dog bed. The first two dogs look at her like, “We didn’t do it.” When she asks for a confession one more time, the third bulldog has no choice but to fess up. He raises his paw and admits he’s guilty before burying his head. Awww! How could you be mad at that adorable pup? Try not to be too hard on yourself, buddy!


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