Mom Cradles Lifeless Newborn, And Soon Has Baffled Doctors Shaking Their Heads


When Kate and David Ogg found out they’d soon be welcoming a set of twins into the world, they never expected the day of delivery to turn out the way it did. To their great sadness, both twins were delivered prematurely at 27 weeks, but the one named Jamie didn’t make it and was pronounced dead shortly after delivery. Despite the devastating news, Kate and David insisted that they take some time to spend lying with the baby. Kate held his small body against her chest and talked to Jamie as if he was alive. For two hours, Kate cuddled with Jamie as he gasped for air, something the doctors told her was just a reflex and not an indicator that Jamie was alive. However, to the shock of every person in the hospital room, Jamie eventually opened his eyes and even sucked the breast milk that Kate fed him off her finger. Doctors were floored as they witnessed a baby they’d just pronounced dead stir his way back to life.

Twins Jamie and Emily Ogg now live happy and healthy lives with their parents in Sydney, Australia. I can’t imagine the kinds of emotions that a person would feel going through what the Oggs did that unforgettable day in the hospital room. According to an article published by CBS News, “Over half a million U.S. babies are born premature.” That means there are tons of parents who go through what the Oggs did with Jamie and Emily, except those parents don’t have the fortunate miracle of having their baby come back to life. This story is truly one-of-a-kind and has caught the attention of millions as it continues to circulate on the internet.

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