Mom Shares Son’s Horrifying Bad Choice. But Her Reasoning is Much Different Than Public Shame.


Kelly Smith-Miller experienced a mother’s worst nightmare when she learned that her 18-year-old son, Brayden Travis had overdosed on drugs. According to Daily Mail, after overdosing on a deadly Heroin and Xanax cocktail, seven hours passed before Brayden received medical attention. As a result, he suffered a stroke and severe brain damage. In an attempt to prevent others from placing themselves in this situation, she posted a picture of her son in his current state on Facebook.
Accompanying the picture, in a very personal post, she writes:

“I normally don’t share or discuss personal issues on FB, however I feel this is necessary due to the nature of this horrific situation… My son is an addict and has struggled with drugs since he was 15 years old… The ultimate dead end road drug for my son was heroin, as is for a lot of teens/adults…”

She goes on to discuss the details of his unfortunate overdose.

“Medical personnel believe my son should have been dead long before he was able to get the medical attention he needed, but for some unknown reason he has stabilized…”

Smith-Miller acknowledges that while the outcome does not look promising, she refuses to give up on her son.

“Even though the outcome is not expected to be positive, as a mother I will not give up until I have exhausted all options and know that I’ve done everything I can… Miracles happen everyday and my son is a fighter and very strong.”

She makes it clear that her reasoning behind her post is to bring awareness to the horrors of teenage drug use.

“I share this with each of you in hopes that you won’t feel pity or be offended, but rather share and get these pictures in front of your teenagers. Don’t be scared to share the horrific outcome of what most likely will happen when using heroin! It’s not the only drug that will kill you either. If my son’s story and picture can save one life or contribute to the education and awareness of drug abuse, then he and I are very happy! He wouldn’t want this for anyone else and he would tell anyone not to use drugs…ever…” HOPE and PRAYER has made miracles happen with the progression of his recovery so far. If you want to know what you can do, please continue to pray! Thank you and please share and share and SHARE…”

Smith-Miller wasn’t sure how much traction the post would receive, but thus far it has been shared on Facebook over 330,000 times.

Even more, Smith-Miller says that since she posted on Facebook, she has heard from others — including a childhood friend of Brayden’s — whom have taken her message seriously and sworn off drugs or checked into a rehabilitation program since hearing Brayden’s story. And while the road to recovery is long, Smith-Miller is hopeful. Brayden is making small improvements — while his reactions to stimulus are inconsistent, he is opening and closing his eyes and breathing on his own. If she can inspire even one person to say no to drugs, or prevent one life from being lost, then her purpose is fulfilled.

“My goal, and what I pray for, is sometime Brayden is up and telling his story,” Smith-Miller explained. “At some point, I hope he can understand, even though he made a bad decision, he is helping people.”