New Species Of House Hippo Is Invading American Homes…And Hearts


We’ve been introduced to many new species of animals online, such as the mountain liger and the blue angel.

But if viral pictures of a “new species” called dirds — a dog/bird creature that spawned in a mad scientist lab called Photoshop — have taught us anything, it’s that you can’t always believe what you see online, even if it seems realistic.

The wise-beyond-its-size North American house hippo knows this. This tiny tot, no bigger than a breadbox, is quite the fascinating animal. It’s so small and quiet that you may not even realize that it sneaks into your house at night and sleeps in a nest in your closet for 13 hours a day.

But this well-rested animal has something very important to say about reality.

What is it? Watch the video below.


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