No One Wanted To Rescue This Tiny Dog. What Happened To Her Made My Heart Stop!


If you think about it, it’s easy to understand why so many dogs who end up in shelters are usually terrified of humans and often get vicious with other dogs.

After living on the streets, fighting for food, being abused by their owners, being used for dog fights, and other tragic realities, these animals feel the need to protect themselves, especially the tiny ones.

The following video was posted to YouTube by Dan Furia, and it features his friend Tammy, who he refers to as a dog whisperer. Tammy saw the photo of a scared, feisty looking pup being held at a local shelter and felt the urge to help. She knew if anyone could save this little guy’s life, it would be her.

Tammy adopted the Chihuahua, who she named Sunshine, in April 2014 and spent the next eight months rehabilitating her. In January 2015, Sunshine was adopted into a forever home. Her story proves that no dog is a lost cause. With a little time and tender treatment, Sunshine was able to break through her tough shell and accept love.


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