Plus-Sized Shopper Told There Is ‘Nothing In Her Size’


A hidden camera catches what happens when a sales clerk tells a plus-sized woman that there is nothing for her in the store. The saleslady in this video is blunt, dismissive, and even vicious to this woman as she shops for a dress for an engagement party. Fortunately, her cruelty was all an act, carefully designed to instigate action from unsuspecting passersby. This clip is a segment from the controversial television show “What Would You Do?” and features actors creating ethical dilemmas that are conducive for strangers to intervene. In this case the clerk, the plus-sized woman, and her friend are all actors, and the scene they create garners strong emotional reactions from the other shoppers.

Watch the drama unfold in the video below, and be sure to watch this one until the very end. One of the other shoppers happens to be a middle school teacher, and the insightful commentary she provides is admirable. As always, please share your thoughts with us in the comments section. What would you do if you overheard an exchange like this one?