Rescue Cat Mama Gave Birth to 10 Kittens!


Meet the Donatella! She was heavily pregnant and due to have her kittens when she came to Cats Protection Bridgend Adoption Center.

Donatella is getting impatient for her kittens to be born.

She had a big belly which had many people wonder how many kittens were in there.

A few days later, her belly popped! She gave birth to 10 tiny furballs!
“Donatella has given birth to 10 kittens! This is the largest litter we have ever had born at the centre, she is going to have lots of TLC to help her cope with such a large litter!” Cats Protection wrote.

“Donatella is proving to be an amazing mother and is doing a great job of looking after her kittens. The smallest two were struggling to feed with so much competition for mum’s milk, so they are going to be hand reared by one of our most experienced fosterer’s to give them the best chance.” (Cats Protection)

10 very tiny furballs!