School Bus Remade Into A Teeny-Tiny Abode Had Me Charmed The Second I Saw Inside


This is definitely one of the most charming micro homes I’ve had the pleasure of coming across. When couple John and Mira Thompson started developing plans to renovate the inside of a big yellow school bus, they had the most beautiful customizations in mind. The quaint micro home sits atop a functioning school bus, and has all of the charm anyone could want in a home. The growing popularity of tiny homes makes the Thompson’s humble abode a highly sought-after living space for those wanting to live economically with all the perks of a real house. Tiny homes are here to stay, and I couldn’t be happier.

It took John and Mira around two years to construct what is now their tiny home on wheels.

I love how the house is covered in shingles of various sizes; it gives the structure a very rustic look.

A slice of the beautiful view from the Thompson’s front door.

Who wouldn’t want to cozy up in here?

This small loft-like area looks like it’d be great for hanging out!

The windows throughout the home give the space a very open, airy feel…

Check out that retro fridge!

The epitome of charming.