She Brought Baking Soda Cupcakes Into The Shower. Why? What A Great Trick!


I make sure to keep a box of baking soda in my cabinet at all times. For baking? No way!

I’m unfortunately not a great baker, but I keep baking soda around for a variety of other purposes (like unclogging my sink’s drain and even tenderizing meat). There are dozens of different “life hacks” you can do with baking soda, but you can also use it for in your day-to-day beauty regimen.

This video outlines five brilliant beauty tips using baking soda. The girl in the video (who has a great personality) uses baking soda to make a facial mask, give her hair extra volume, moisturize her skin, give herself a pedicure, and — my favorite — create a sensuous spa service.

Seriously, you’ve got to see her spa trick around minute three. I’m doing that tonight.

I also love that they’re all natural and use something that’s just sitting right in my cabinet.

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