She Caught The Dog Doing THIS To Her Husband As He Slept…


“Wake up, Dad! Puh-leease?!”

I couldn’t help but say “Aww!” when Lexi the Samoyed wakes dad up so very gently. She wants to go on a walk and she doesn’t like it when Dad sleeps in, but while other dogs can be way more forceful and aggressive when it comes to waking up their pet parents, Lexi is as delicate as a flower.

Lexi’s family loves to pamper her, so it’s good to see she’s so polite when it comes to getting what she wants. No spoiled brat here!


She’s so gentle! My dog puts her nose directly in my face and barks until I wake up. What a cute moment between Dad and “daughter.” If you agree, please SHARE this sweet video on Facebook!