She Dumps Out The Oranges, Then Puts The Mesh Bag To BRILLIANT Use. I Had NO Idea!


Reusing everyday items can lead to a good deal of savings over time. In this helpful video, The experts from The Savings Experiment discuss ways to re-purpose common objects that are both useful in the kitchen and budget-friendly.

Oranges, onions, potatoes… many produce items come in those mesh bags that are typically thrown in the trash as soon as possible. I mean, at least that’s what I do with them. But no more! Did you know these mesh bags can be turned into effective sponges? Yep!

Cut off the tabs and labels off of three mesh bags, and all of the ends of the bags except for one. Then, crumble two of the bags in a ball and stuff them into the third bag. Finally, tie the exterior bag on the end and bamn! A scrubby brush that works like a charm! Also in this video, you’ll learn how to keep away fruit flies with a plastic soda bottle.


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