She Got An Abortion, But Is Shocked By What’s Found At The Hospital 5 Days Later


Melissa Ohden is an abortion survivor. When her birth mother was almost 8 months pregnant, she went to the hospital to get a saline infusion abortion. Five days later, she went in to give birth to, what she thought would be, a dead fetus. Instead, a living baby was born.

This method of abortion was first used in the 1930s, but isn’t used as commonly today because of some side effects and the fact that other methods have been shown to be easier and cause less pain. It is commonly used on women who are between 16-24 weeks pregnant. It is unknown how many babies have been born alive after this procedure, but Wikipedia states there have been two document cases including Melissa and anti-abortion and disability rights activist Gianna Jessen. Both were fortunate enough to be adopted and are still alive today.

For those who are abortion survivors, there are many places you can seek emotional support including The Abortion Survivors Network. It helps to remember that you are not alone. Check out the video below to hear about Melissa’s experience in her own words.