She Left Her Rescued Kittens Alone For One Minute. What They Do? HYSTERICAL!


If you’ve ever been the proud parent of an adorable young fur baby, you already know the kind of messes these little ones can get into!

They may be cute, but just like toddlers, you never want to take your eyes off of them for fear of what might happen. Luckily for Rumble user “MyLittleGirl,” when she took her eyes off her little babies for a few seconds something hysterical happened.

On a rainy day, this kitty lover decided to pull out the video camera and record her two little ones. When she returned, little white kitty Cottonball had climbed into a giant pickle jar and started rolling around, while big brother Ford kept watch.

Their owner rescued both of these kittens from Manitoba, Canada and they both seem to be so grateful for all the fun they’re having in their new home. How precious are these two fur kids?


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