She Placed Hollowed-Out Orange Peels In A Muffin Tin. I’m Eager To Try This


Nowadays it can be difficult to find a healthy option when it comes to snacking, especially for a child. Candy, cookies and other sweets are chock-full of sugar. Other “healthier” alternatives like Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt (27g of sugar) and Ocean Spray Craisins (26g of sugar), can actually have more sugar than even a single Hostess Twinkie (19g of sugar). What makes it worse is that kids are often tough sells when it comes to consuming fruit or vegetables.

So what’s a parent to do? Well, with this crafty idea you can offer your kids a fun yet healthy snack that won’t make you feel guilty. Best of all, your kids won’t be bouncing off the walls! Using gelatin and orange juice, you can essentially trick your child into healthy snacking!