She Puts A Photo Of Her Cat In Water. Watch What Happens When She Pulls It Up…


Okay, Do-It-Yourself’ers, you’re gonna love this one. And I can personally attest, because I’ve made one of these myself and it’s awesome!

Pudge the Cat and his mom are here to teach you a quick and simple way to decorate any old plain mug with any old photo you’d like — and in this case, a photo of your beloved pet! It’s called the DIY Waterslide Photo Transfer and it’s easy to create. I mean, who wouldn’t love to wake up in the morning to a hot cup of coffee in a mug with your best friend’s face staring right back at you?! And these make amazing gifts, too!

You can use waterside decal paper on more than just ceramic surfaces. Use it on glass, porcelain, wax candles, wood and more.

Also? Pudge is adorable.


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