She Refused To Treat This ‘Strange’ Horse Like An Outcast…


Ready to fall in love? Meet Shammy, the most loveable miniature horse you’ll ever see. Georgia-born Shammy was born with the dwarfism gene, which mean’s he’ll always be tiny.

At 5-months-olds, the fun-loving dwarf pony weighs just 50 pounds. And there’s something else about him you should know: he kinda thinks he’s a dog. Yup! He loves to cuddle up and hang with the humans on his farm, sometimes more than the other animals and even his mom! It’s incredible to me that he looks so much different than the other horses, and faces more medical issues — yet his heart is made of gold. He doesn’t know he’s any different, and to me he’s just perfect.

There are 4 types of dwarfism in mini horses. Shammys dwarf traits are: undershot jaw, short neck, nostrils on top of nose, breathing issues, crooked legs. But his human mom Michele says he has a bigger personality than any other horse she has ever owned.


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