She Rubs Lemon On Her Armpit. But The Reason Why? GENIUS!


I’ve always wondered if there was a simple way to make homemade deodorant.

I like the idea of going completely chemical free, but it always seemed to me like homemade deodorant would be hard to do – not to mention messy. I’ve just started to get the hang of DIY make-up, and the reason I like that is because it’s very low maintenance and simple to make. Plus, the ingredients are all easy to find.

But after I watched this video, I decided to try this rather odd trick for natural deodorant, and wouldn’t you know it? It actually worked!

Lemon is a really powerful cleaning agent, and really healthy for humans in general, and when you put those two things together, you get a simple deodorant that anyone can try – and the best part is, there’s no other ingredients involved!

Watch the video below for this and two other great ways to use lemons!


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