She Starts Singing A Christmas Song. Now Watch The Dog’s Reaction…


Daniela Andrade, popular YouTube crooner, recently uploaded this awesome video. She did so to not only help us get into the holiday spirit, but also to show the world how much love exists between her and her cute dog, Dina (A.K.A the “Cutest Dog In The Galaxy”). Daniela has a fabulous voice as she sings her rendition of “Christmas Time Is Here,” yet I couldn’t help but watch Dina the whole time, so enraptured in her pet parent’s voice that by the end, she’s practically lulled to sleep.

Daniela says, “So if you can’t tell, what me and Dina have is REAL LOVE. She was in my past Christmas video, so I thought i’d bring my old gal back to spread that Christmas cheer.”

And you know what? Daniela totally put me into the holiday mood, just in time.


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