She Stole Her Brother’s Favorite Toy. His Reaction? I Can’t Stop Laughing!


One of the coolest things about animals is that they all have such unique personalities. Some pets are totally docile and laid back while others are completely off the wall and rambunctious. And it’s even cooler when you put two pets with totally different personalities in the same house together. Watching them interact is funny and touching and adorable all at the same time.

Take, for instance, YouTuber David Smith’s two dogs Millie and Goggles. They may look alike, but they are total opposites. Goggles is loud and full of energy while Millie is stoic and contemplative. Yet, they’re best of friends.

In this video uploaded by Smith, you’ll see as Millie and Goggles face off over ownership of one precious tennis ball. Goggles feels he’s the rightful owner of said ball, but Millie has it firmly clenched between her doggy jaws. Let the standoff commence!

Goggles is reared up on a dog bed against the wall in one corner of the room while Millie sits quietly with the tennis ball in her mouth. Goggles really wants that ball back and he’s going to make a huge fuss about it until he gets it!

Goggles growls, barks, jumps around, looks quizzically at Millie and spins around in a circle until he’s tuckered out. Yet, Millie just continues to stoically stare him down and hold onto that ball for dear life.

It’s a short clip, and a silly one, but it’s so much fun to see these two pups approach the same situation in such different ways. Adorable!

Way to go, Millie! You hold onto that ball as long as you like!


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