She Thought Her Pets Were Being Suspiciously Quiet. What She Discovered? WOW!


Let’s be honest. Sometimes cats can be jerks, and they seem to be notorious for stealing the dog’s bed. Although cats and dogs don’t always live in harmony — hey, no one is perfect — it’s always heartwarming to see them actually get along.

In this video, one owner thought her dog and cat were being suspiciously quiet. When she walked in the room, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Even though the sneaky sphynx cat had fallen asleep on the Airedale terrier’s bed, the dog didn’t seem to mind. In fact, the dog seems to really love the cat.

Their owner grabbed the camera to capture the precious moment, as the dog sleeps beside the sphynx. How adorable are these two pals?! At one point, the dog even seems to use the cat as a fluffy pillow. The sphynx seems to enjoy it, otherwise she would run away. These two have such an amazing friendship. Don’t you wish we could all get along as great as these pals?


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