She Twists Segments Of Her Daughters Hair. What She Creates Is Quite Fetching


Archaeological evidence suggests that hair braiding goes back as far as 30,000 years. Used as a method of communicating everything from marital status to tribe affiliation, braids were an important part of the cultural narrative. Like today’s salons, gatherings to braid hair was also an important arena for socialization.

With such a rich cultural history behind it, it’s no wonder that the versatile hairstyle remains a favorite look for both young girls and women. A quick search on Pinterest will reveal hundreds of pins on braids staring smiling little girls, runway models and stars on the red carpet. Whether a tightly pulled-back style or a wispy romantic fish tail, a braid can add flair to an otherwise simple pony tail or bun.

In this video, Lora Powell uses her daughter as a model to show off how easily you can do a heart shaped braid. This darling look is perfect for Valentine’s Day, but also can also be used for more formal events such as weddings. While my daughter is too young to sit still for a French braid, she does love it when I put a braid in her hair. This is a hairstyle I’m definitely looking forward to trying in a year or two.


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