She Unwraps All These Candies And Turns Them Into An AMAZING Treat!


If you’re searching for a fun party trick at your next gathering, look no further than this quick and easy video!

I’m always looking for fun ways to make dessert in my house a little more interesting. Whether it’s trying a concoction I’ve never thought of before, or putting an unusual (but easy!) spin on an old favorite, I love trying different things and seeing how they turn out. It’s kind of like doing a science experiment in my kitchen!

In this fun video, this YouTube baker has come up with a great way to make peppermint shot glasses! And sure, they could totally be used for non alcoholic drinks as well, but imagine putting a little Bailey’s in there and how good that would taste! If you’re planning a grown-up holiday party this winter, these will definitely be winners! And the best part is that they seem surprisingly simple to make!


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