She Was Told Her Son Had Died, But What Came Next Had Doctors’ Heads Spinning


This is a story unlike any I’ve ever heard. A Missouri teenager named John Smith is recovering in the hospital after a terrible accident, but how he got to this state is just amazing.

According to NBC News, John fell into the icy waters last month for fifteen minutes after the two friends he was with managed to escape. A emergency response team performed CPR on John for fifteen minutes, and then he was rushed to a hospital where the doctors performed CPR for nearly another half hour. They realized it was not working, and he was showing no signs of life.

The doctors called in John’s mother, prepared to give her the bad news. When she entered she started to pray for her son, when suddenly he began to make a miraculous recovery. According to the doctor on the scene, “Within a minute or two his heart started again.” There were still many hurdles for the boy to overcome, including possible physical and brain damage. But nearly one month later and John is still on the path to full recovery.

Whether this was a medical miracle or something beyond that, we can all agree that no mother should have to go through what John’s did. This is a truly powerful piece that shows that you should never give up hope, even when the odds seem stacked against you.