She Weaved Rope Through Each Of Her Fingers. When She Finished? So Clever


Knitting is a centuries old (if not older) form of fabric making which uses a single strand of yarn or wool. Part of what made knitting so popular was that it didn’t require much equipment like the practicing of weaving and thus made it perfect for nomadic peoples or those who couldn’t afford a loom.

While the origins of knitting can’t be traced back to definite time, it’s believed that the practice began somewhere in the Middle East or in Egypt, according to, where, “The oldest REAL knitting (formed on two sticks by pulling loops through loops) we’ve got is ‘Coptic socks’ from Egypt, dating to around the year 1000 CE.”

Nonetheless, the craft is still very popular today. We tend to envision grandmothers or elderly aunts knitting odd scarves or sweaters, but the craft has experienced a revival of sorts, especially with craft sites like Pinterest appealing to moms and the DIY crowd. This handy technique though ditches the knitting needles, substituting your own hands in order to weave anything from a belt to a scarf!