She’s Furious At Her Husband…But The Reason? HILARIOUS!


We’ve seen many commercials featuring dogs and their adorable families, and this one is definitely my new favorite.

Subaru is known for their wonderful ads featuring the “Barkley” family, and this one dubbed “In The Doghouse” just may be the most realistic of all. I won’t give it all away, but I will say that when a gorgeous standard poodle suddenly catches Dad’s eye, Mom is not pleased and the outcome is hilarious…

…Which brings up two solid points. 1) If only all fights between spouses were this adorable. And 2) This should be a lesson to all men… LOL!

I have a poodle myself, so I loved this commercial right away. The best part has to be the “wife” giving her husband the death stare. Just like humans, right?! Since half of all Subaru owners are dog owners, it only makes sense that this car company appeals to a pet-friendly audience.


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