The Bus Driver Passes Out While Driving. Now Watch The Kid Behind Him…


Talk about a video that’s both terrifying and incredible — this one takes the cake.

One day, a bus driver in Milton, WA lost consciousness at the wheel, causing a bus full of children to careen out of control. Surveillance footage shows the 43-year-old driver passing out on the road while 12 students in the bus begin panicking.

But when 13-year-old Jeremy Wuitschick noticed something was wrong with the driver (who reportedly suffered a heart attack) he did the unthinkable. He literally took control of the situation by stepping behind the wheel, and saved every single child that day.

“I was just thinking I don’t want to die,” he told the news. “I turned to the right. Turned to the side of the road. Took the keys out of the ignition. We started slowing down, and I said, `Somebody call 911!”‘

In the footage below, you can also see Jeremy and another student doing chest compressions on the driver.

A school administrator also drove by minutes later, and stopped when he saw the bus on the side of the road. He also attempted CPR on the driver. Police showed up, ushered the children off the bus and sent the driver to the hospital. As for Jeremy, he was hailed a hometown hero, and started learning CPR as a result.


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