Their Doorbell Rang. What Was Waiting For Them Outside? OMG!


Every January, about one million people from around the globe flock to Park City, UT to view the very best of the past year’s independent films at the Sundance Film Festival.

When actor Robert Redford founded the festival in 1978, he probably had no idea what it would be like today — or what hilarious spinoffs it would inspire! Enter Catdance, Fresh Step kitty litter’s feline-inspired film contest.

Last year’s big winner was Ricky, the story of a cat rescued from a shelter and brought to a new home. This year saw more entries than ever before, but there could only be one film chosen…

When you see Alana Grelyak’s four-minute film CATastrophe, you’ll understand why it took home the top spot at this year’s Catdance. CATastrophe is the story of a man who thought he signed up for a French foreign exchange student, but ended up with a French feline on his doorstep.

The traveling cat, “Guy LaFurr,” proved to have an adorable agenda of his own in the United States, and it gets more hilarious by the second.


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