These Cats React To Their Soldiers Coming Home And Prove They Love Just As Much As Dogs


By now, we’ve all seen videos of dogs whimpering, weeping and even passing out from excitement when their owners return home from deployment. These emotional, sweet videos are so touching that even the manliest of men may shed a tear. But when cats welcome their owners home from a long deployment, their reaction is far different than the reactions from the dogs… Like, FAR different. The cats just aren’t really impressed with their humans return. Thankfully, these humans are aware of their less than enthusiastic cats and they let the humor of the situation take over. You have to watch as these cats, run, hide, and even squirm their way out of their owner’s loving arms. Some might say these cats are just angry with their human for leaving them for so long, others might say that cats are jerks (We’re looking at you dog-lovers!) But whatever the reasoning behind their “overly emotional” reaction is, we know that at the end of the day these cats love their humans… and these furballs do what they please! This video is a compilation of many cats welcoming their soldier-humans home for the first time. It’s basically a hilarious parody of the MANY dog videos depicting their emotional response in the same situation. And we LOVE it!