These Kittens Were Just Sleeping, But When He Picks One Up? I’m Still Laughing


I doubt you’d find anything cuter than a pile of adorable, sleeping kittens. At least, that’s what I thought. Because as soon as he removes one of these felines, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Cats are famous for their standoffishness, but they are also renowned for their ability to sleep deeply – in a variety of awkward positions. Our sleepy feline friends really clock in the hours, too. They have been known to doze off for around 15 hours a day. Frustratingly, they tend to be the most awake at dusk and at dawn. So, unless you’re a night owl, you’ll usually catch your kitty fast asleep during the day.

No need to fret, though. According to, “…cats are also sociable and highly adaptable. This means that a cat is apt to adjust his sleeping habits so he can spend more time with his loved ones — meaning you. Cats will also adjust their sleep patterns to their feeding schedules, which is why an indoor cat sleeps more than a cat that roams outdoors.”


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