They Caught A Mother Doing THIS To Her Newborn Baby…OMG.


What you’re about to see is incredible, never-seen-before footage of the “miracle birth” of a Sumatran orangutan named Kea. It was all caught live on video by staff at The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

It’s phenomenal to watch as this adorable baby is born (there is a bit of graphic imagery in the very beginning) and then as Mom immediately cradles her, seeing that the umbilical cord is removed and holding her tightly in her arms. Notice how she puts her mouth to the baby and licks her, making sure the birth residue/amniotic fluid is wiped clean. Sure, it’s a little gross — but so beautiful nonetheless. These maternal instincts never cease to amaze.

The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is a conservation organization with a mission to save species from extinction and serve as a sanctuary and breeding center for endangered species. Gerald Durrell founded the Trust as a charitable institution in 1963 with the Dodo as its symbol.


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