They Found Him Boney And Broken. His Miraculous Transformation Will Shock You


When Sara — co-founder of the independent rescue organization, DogTag: You’re It! — reached out to us with this story, we were absolutely amazed.

This rescue story is no ordinary tale. Beaumont, a less than 10-month-old puppy, was found roaming the hot, dry terrain of Tijuana — severely malnourished, neglected, and handicapped. Practically a heap of skin and bones, this emaciated puppy was in critical condition. Missing all joints in his hind legs and suffering from a hip and spine deformity, it took all of Beaumont’s strength to drag his disabled body by his only functioning limbs: his arthritis-stricken forelegs.

The sad pup was discovered by a kind passerby named Walter, who instantly took to Facebook rescue pages in hopes of finding help. DogTag picked up on the story and rushed to the rescue. They decided to name the puppy Beaumont, French for “beautiful mountain.” Sara commented on the inspiration for the name, “He is beautiful and he has already shown us he is as invincible as any mountain.”

This brave puppy is now recovering beautifully at the Gateway Animal Hospital under the care of an orthopedic specialist. While Beaumont heals, a care plan is being formulated for future surgeries and a wheelchair.

Beaumont was found in a parking lot barely able to stand and unable to properly walk.

Starving and infested with fleas and ticks, the poor pup was in bad shape.

Beaumont suffers from a bilateral hip deformity, multiple vertebrae deformities, and arthritis in his front knee — and he doesn’t have any joints in his hind legs.

He was rushed to Gateway Animal Hospital, where his raw flesh was treated and his empty belly was filled.

But look at that spark! His strong spirit shines through despite all his hardships.

His wonderful rescue team has brought out the puppy in him!

I love his floppy ears and sparkling eyes!

His recovery is absolutely stunning!

His medical and rescue team obviously did an amazing job.

Here’s adorable Beaumont today! Hard to believe it’s the same dog!


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