They Found Him COVERED In Hot Tar. Minutes Later? You Won’t Believe It


WARNING: this story contains some graphic content, but the stunning rescue is truly worth watching.

We’ve seen some astonishing dog rescues, but none quite like this…

After falling into a pool of hot tar in India, a dog was left unable to move. The hardened tar was so heavy that it forced him to fall to the ground. If it wasn’t for a passerby who saw him struggling and called Animal Aid United for help, this poor pup would most certainly have died. Luckily, rescuers rushed to the dog and found a heartbreaking the scene.

The dog just lay their motionless, in pain, and terrified. They had to act fast and free the dog of the tar or he wasn’t going to make it. It took the Animal Aid United team of volunteers over three hours of massaging vegetable oil into his fur until he finally broke free of his tar cage. The entire rescue and his wonderful recovery is all caught in the video posted below. I’m so glad these good people took the time to work on the dog, and rescue him to safety.

After he recovered, Animal Aid neutered and vaccinated him. What a miracle pup!

Animal Aid workers found the pup in dire condition.

They got to work immediately because every second counted. Using vegetable oil, they carefully cleaned the tar from the sweet dog’s fur.

The dog had fallen into a pool of hot tar accidentally. By some miracle, an onlooker caught sight of the suffering animal and called Animal Aid workers right away.

Already much better. Hard to believe this is the same doggy!

The rescue wasn’t over yet. Watch the video below to see this powerful rescue — and what this sweetie looked like when he was fully clean and recovered!!


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