They Heard A Trapped Baby Crying For Mom, Then Came The Unthinkable


I love a good rescue video, and this one is full of action, emotion and the most heartwarming reunion between mother and child…

On one fateful late afternoon, an adventurous puppy had fallen into a deep, dark well. Neighbors heard his horrible cries throughout the night, and called Animal Aid Unlimited, India for help.

When the rescue team arrived at the scene, these heroes traversed way down into the muddy pit and worked tirelessly to bring the little guy back up top to safety. Once they succeeded, something even m ore magical happened: the overjoyed and grateful puppy ran as fast as he could to find his mom, and didn’t stop wagging his tail when he was finally reunited with his entire pack. It’s truly a beautiful sight.

Towards the end of the video, it’s almost like one of the dogs looks back and gives a bark, as if to say “thank you” for rescuing their dear puppy. So amazing!


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