They Heard Cries From This Dirt Hole. What They Found? UNBELIEVABLE.


While out doing police work one day, a group of officers heard whimpers and cries coming from a hole among the grass and sticks. When they went to investigate, they discovered a shocking sight: a newborn puppy buried six inches underground, covered by a mound of dirt. This poor baby was just 7-days-old, and so young and tiny that he couldn’t even open his eyes yet.

Police in Williston, Florida immediately unburied the pup and rushed him to the Levy Animal Center to recover. Vets said he would have died within hours if he wasn’t rescued.

The newborn was given the name Tucker and began bottle-feeding to great success. There, he also found his new home — a veterinarian technician at Levy adopted Tucker soon after his arrival!

I can’t imagine who could ever do this to Tucker, but I’m so happy this precious angel got his second chance, and never gave up.

Police officers dug six inches down into the dirt, and there they found a puppy, breathing but barely alive. Who could do this to a sweet, innocent baby?

After being rushed to an animal clinic, vets realized the puppy was only seven days old. He couldn’t even open his eyes yet. He was terrified and starving.

The vets named him Tucker. They provided him with love, care and some much needed rest. Finally, safety and a soft blanket.

Miraculously, Tucker also began to bottle feed with great success. His appetite was in full force, and he gained back his puppy strength.

And Tucker wasn’t homeless for long. A veterinarian technician at Levy fell in love with Tucker (I mean, how could you not?) and adopted him soon after his arrival!


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