They Put A ‘Monster’ In This Crate. One Month Later? No One Can Believe It.


Dogs who are rescued from puppy mills have a particularly difficult time readjusting to life. They’re commonly fearful when dealing with people, and understandably so. Behavioral problems often stem from being kept in isolation and hoarding situations. Sadly, many of these dogs end up being rescued only to be placed into shelters where they remain homeless for years at a time, or euthanized; no one wants these damaged dogs, and no one wants to deal with rehabilitating them. They’re seen as lost causes, and people assume they can’t be saved.

But, as the video you’re about to see shows, there are heroes out there who dedicate their lives to helping these animals heal and actually providing them with the time they need to get ready for their normal lives.

Trapped in a puppy mill, Coconut the dog had never known love — until she was rescued by the ASPCA. Watch this video of her incredible transformation and recovery.

Coconut was so afraid of being close to humans that the organization worried she was a hopeless case. But after just three weeks of providing Coconut with simple learning techniques and people skills, she was already a different dog. It didn’t take long after that for Coconut to finally meet her forever family.


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