They Put Their Twins Outside. When They Open Their Mouths? My Heart Is Full


Babies never fail to make me smile, especially when I get to see so many of them back-to-back. Before you watch this video just prepare yourself for an overload of cuteness! This video is a Coca-Cola red ad trying to raise awareness for HIV. While it features a plethora of precious babies making sounds set to the soundtrack of a symphony, it deals with a very serious and heartwrenching issue. According to a statistic in the video, “650 babies are born HIV positive every day.” After watching this series of adorable chubby faces flashing one after the other across the screen, it breaks my heart to read such a devastating statistic.

I wanted to learn more about how infant HIV can be prevented so I researched the topic and found some interesting information. According to a site called Aids Info, the risk of a mother passing on HIV to her child can be lowered significantly if the mother does certain things. Aids Info goes on to explain that preventing the transfer of HIV to an infant can be helped if the HIV-infected mother receives regular doses of HIV medicine throughout the term of her pregnancy and delivery. In addition to this, Aids Info explains that it’s important for babies born from mothers with HIV to not be breastfed, as the disease can be passed through the mother’s breast milk; it’s also crucial that the infant receive HIV medicine for the six weeks following birth.

It’s important for mothers with HIV to know that there are preventative measures they can take to reduce the risk of passing HIV on to their child. This video got me to think more seriously about infant HIV while also bringing a smile to my face. I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I did. Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments section below!