This Abandoned Puppy Was Found In A Box. Why He’s Wet? My Heart Just BROKE.


Ugh. My heart just broke! Sometimes bad things happen to good animals!

Ten abandoned puppies were found in a cardboard box in Alberobello, a small village in southern Italy by Imgur user nuedd. The mother of the puppies was nowhere to be seen — but that’s not even the worst part. Upon discovery, it seemed that these poor babies were soaked in something. It ended up being their own urine, which is why their coats are stained yellow.

The person who found the puppies brought them to a vet, where they are currently being cared for. Unfortunately, two of the 10 puppies died shortly after arrival. One puppy, fortunately, has been adopted. Seven more are still awaiting homes.

Apparently, there is a problem with stray animals in this small, historic village that only has about 11,000 inhabitants. Nuedd laments the fact that she can’t help all the homeless animals she encounters.

“We wish we had a home to shelter all of the animals we meet along the road,” she wrote on her Imgur account. “All of the abandoned cats and dogs, and the stays [sic] who eat what they can find in the bins. One day, when we do finally settle down and have a place I know that we’ll take in every animal we can. It’s the least we can do.”

I truly hope the rest of this litter finds warm, safe, and dry homes very soon. I mean, just look at these poor things…

Here they are when they were first brought into the vet’s office.

This little guy looked so scared!

They were bottle-fed immediately, even before a bath.

It was imperative that they got some food in their bellies!

They were SO hungry!

This pup didn’t want to stop!

He drank until his stomach expanded. Poor guy!


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