This Adorable Kitten Gets A BIG Surprise — I Shouldn’t Laugh But I Can’t Help It!


This kitten is officially my favorite baby ever!

It’s a fact that babies suddenly get tired out of nowhere. Whether they’re a human baby or an animal baby, it’s not uncommon to find them suddenly falling asleep in their food, or even while sitting up! They haven’t quite learned how to get ready for a nap, so instead they just let nature take over and close their eyes as soon as they feel the need.

In this adorable video, this tiny kitten got so tired that she fell asleep while drinking out of a mason jar. Her owners try to wake her up with light taps, but all that seems to do is make her readjust her face closer to the water. Knowing what we know about cats and water, it’s safe to say that what ends up happening in the end is a big surprise for this little kitty — her totally bewildered face is priceless!

Part of me just wanted to cuddle this little one after watching, but that’s just how babies learn!

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