This Cat Has A Blast In The Snow Until He Notices Something Poking Out


It’s winter time and this cat is enjoying the cold snow! Meet this cat Named Elaine who does a lot of hopping in the snow! Maybe it’s her first winter experience but surely she does look lovely playing around the white snow! As Elaine is hopping and enjoying the cold, she found herself buried under the snow! For a moment she stayed under the cozy snow but when she noticed her tail, she did the unexpected at 0:52! She jumped into it as if its somebody else’s tail! Totally adorable! These cats can really do funny things that surprises us in a very special way! Click the video below and watch this baby enjoying the snow!


Aaww, she’s just look so lovely playing under the white snow! Totally adorable kitty! Please leave a comment if you have an adorable cat who loves playing in the cold!