This Cat Has The FUNNIEST Way Of Going Down The Stairs. I Can’t Stop Laughing!


Get ready for your heart to explode from cuteness overload! Meet ragdoll kitty Rahni. This adorable kitten is only a few weeks old and still has a lot to learn. Although she knows how to climb the stairs, this cutie has yet to master the art of getting back down. Her solution is pretty hilarious, though, and it leaves her owners in stitches.

In this funny cat video, the cute kitten is seen playing on the stairs. But when she tried to follow Mom back down to the living room, everything took a hysterical turn. The kitty is seen tumbling, rolling, flopping, and slinking down the stairs. Whoops!

The kitten actually seems to enjoy this mode of transporting herself! She’s obviously having so much fun and just can’t help herself. This adorable fur ball seems to be so grateful for all the fun she’s having in her new home. How precious! It doesn’t get much cuter than this.


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