This Cat Sniffs A Can Of Olives. Her Reaction? Too Funny!!


I hate olives. I don’t like them on my pizza, in my salad, or anywhere near my nachos. However, after watching this video, I learned that I do enjoy watching cats smell olives!

This cat has such a dramatic reaction to its olive sniff that I decided to do a little research.

As it turns out, olives contain a very special chemical that drives cats crazy — a chemical very similar to the one found in catnip! This chemical binds to the receptors in kitties’ noses, resulting in some very strange behavior — and sometimes, an olive addiction! Because of this, some cats have been known to behave a little strangely, stealing olives off their owners’ plates, screaming and crying when they smell an olive in the room, and even licking the floor where an olive once was!

I also learned that cats have a very unique way of showing pleasure, and that is to roll around on their backs joyfully! I couldn’t stop laughing as I watched this cute cat flail and roll, then beg for more.


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