This Commercial Was Banned For Being ‘Too SEXY,’ But I Can’t Stop Laughing!!!


Let’s be honest with ourselves, ladies. We all need a little eye candy now and then…and we deserve it, too!

I have to admit, I would probably smack my man on the head if I caught him checking out another lady, but I see no problem with myself looking but not touching. Yes, I’m a hypocrite, but it’s really hard to ignore a good looking man – especially if he’s not wearing any clothes like in this next hysterical video.

The following ad proves that commercials from outside the U.S. are way sexier and funnier. This ad comes to us from Germany-based online hair and beauty product retailer, Here, we see a group of hairdressers and ladies getting pampered at a salon. It’s loud and busy in there, but as soon as a tall, muscular guy starts cleaning the windows, their eyes become glued to the hot “show” outside.

The ending is way too good to give away, but I will say it was totally unexpected and you must wait for it. It’s also a hilarious reminder that things aren’t usually as they appear to the naked eye!


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